What happens if the Colorado Rockies re-sign Carlos Gonzalez

PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 30: Carlos Gonzalez
PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 30: Carlos Gonzalez /

There have been many rumors swirling about Carlos Gonzalez making his way back to Denver. Now, with those new headlines, this leaves many fans with mixed emotions and a lot of questions. All of which are completely understandable. But the big question is what happens if the Rockies were to actually sign him?

As of now, there are serious rumors that CarGo could be signed to a one-year deal with the Rockies. If this did happen, all Rockies fans would be in a state of awe. Some would be happy, some would be sad/mad, and some would be, like me, skeptical.

In reality, I love the idea that they are giving him a second chance but it’s a scary chance to take.

If this were to happen, you could title this whole ordeal a series of unfortunate events. Obviously, it wouldn’t be unfortunate for CarGo as he wouldn’t be a free agent anymore. But the rest of the outfield is a different story.

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How you may ask? Well, as of now, we had a somewhat outline of what the outfield would’ve looked like without CarGo and now, everything is truly up in the air.

If you reference my Opening Day roster predictions, you’ll see I have the starting outfield looking like this: Charlie Blackmon in center, Ian Desmond in left, and Gerardo Parra in right. Now, my roster would be like my March Madness bracket, a complete bust.

Having CarGo not only changes the layout of the entire outfield, but also where some of these young guys would play in. Hypothetically speaking, CarGo would go in right field, meaning Parra back in left. So where is Desmond? Maybe like they had originally planned, he could be at first base, but that leads to Ryan McMahon being out. It’s just a chain of people losing spots.

Final Thoughts

As of right now, nothing is sure as there are many factors that can play in before the ink is on the paper. If Carlos Gonzalez does come back, it should bring a sense of optimism back to the Rockies. He was also their unspoken leader to look up to in the clubhouse as well that is missed.

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The Colorado Rockies really have a 50/50 shot with resigning CarGo and if they do sign him it pays off since it’s a contending year.