Colorado Rockies: MLB Network’s rankings of shortstops and 3rd basemen

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 16: Nolan Arenado. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 16: Nolan Arenado. Photo courtesy of Getty Images. /

This weekend, MLB Network kicked off their coverage of the top ten players at each position by releasing their top ten lists of third baseman and shortstops.

With these MLB Network’s “Top Ten Right Now” lists, it should be no shocker to Rockies fans to see that Nolan Arenado was high up on the list. However, he was only number two on the list with only Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs being higher as he was number 1.

In this article from yesterday, we discussed how Kris Bryant’s record breaking contracts before arbitration could help Nolan Arenado get a huge deal in free agency. When we compared the two players by the numbers, they are very similar to each other but when offense is adjusted for ballpark, as much as some Rockies fans don’t like to here it, it gives Bryant the overall advantage. Total, Bryant is ahead of Arenado in Wins Above Replacement by 0.2 since Bryant’s career started in 2015. However, analyst and former All-Star Mike Lowell had Arenado as number one and the fans voted Arenado as number one.

The rest of the list looked like this:

3. Josh Donaldson, Toronto Blue Jays
4. Justin Turner, Los Angeles Dodgers
5. Anthony Rendon, Washington Nationals
6. Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers
7. Jose Ramirez, Cleveland Indians
8. Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles
9. Alex Bregman, Houston Astros
10. Kyle Seager, Seattle Mariners

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The list for shortstop

Even though Trevor Story struggled offensively for the Rockies in 2017 with an OPS+ of 86, due in part to low batting average (.239) and low on-base percentage (.308). He also struck out a National League leading 194 times. However, due to Story being a good defender with 11 Defensive Runs Saved, Story happened to sneak on to the list at number nine.

Here is MLB Network’s list:

1. Carlos Correa, Houston Astros
2. Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers
3. Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians
4. Trea Turner, Washington Nationals
5. Andrelton Simmons, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
6. Jean Segura, Seattle Mariners
7. Paul DeJong, St. Louis Cardinals
8. Elvis Andrus, Texas Rangers
9. Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies
10. Tim Beckham, Baltimore Orioles

Story is a bit underrated by fans and the MLB Network personalities as he was not on any of their lists.

Final Thoughts

A lot of Rockies fans were not too happy with the choice of Bryant over Arenado on MLB Network’s behalf but it is a lot closer than people think once you adjust for ballpark for offense.

Bryant is also more versatile but Arenado’s defense is, perhaps, the best of anybody in all of baseball and he is still one of the best offensive players in all of baseball.

For Story, I personally was a bit surprised to see him on the list, as the analysts and fans seemed to be surprised since Story was not on any other list.

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However, his underrated defensive skills make him one of the better shortstops in all of baseball.