Colorado Rockies: An open letter to J.D. Martinez

With reports swirling of right fielder J.D. Martinez has been offered a 5-year deal by the Boston Red Sox, I saw it fit that something ought to be said. I’ve previously talked about why J.D. Martinez would be a great fit for the Colorado Rockies, but perhaps this will help my case. The Rockies also don’t seem to be taking the frugal route this year for free agents. With all that being said, let’s get on with it.

Dear J.D. Martinez,

You had a stellar season last year, posting a .303/.376/.690 slashline. Along with that, you had 45 homers and 104 RBI. With just those stats, you’d make a snug fit with the Rockies. Not to mention you have skills in the outfield. There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that you are the top free agent on the market right now. In all honesty, I’m astonished that you haven’t had a lot of massive offers.

The Red Sox are flashing you the big bucks, but is that the team you really want to go with? I understand how prestigious they are and the illustrious players that they had, but can they win it all? With the Rockies, you have an entire front office, team, coaching staff, and fan base working towards getting that ultimate prize.

The Rockies have such a star-studded team and if you came to Colorado, it would just blow up and benefit everyone. Though they only made the Wild Card Game, being that you’ve played against them in the game and six more games in September, you truly have seen the potential this team has. This season will be different for the Rockies, and it’s going to be spectacular. With the “super bullpen” they’ve built, the Rockies have the potential to dominate the NL West. The real question is this … are you ready to join a team that’s determined to win a World Series?

In closing, the Rockies may be a young team, but don’t count them out for that. They have a plethora of talent and you joining that team would only make it even better. Also, the fact that you have postseason experience which plays a major role in the progression of this team. Having you with the likes of Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, and DJ LeMahieu would put all of Major League Baseball on high alert.


Olivia Greene

P.S. The Rockies would utilize you for both your position and batting, not just a DH role like the Red Sox or an American League team. We know you like playing in the outfield, right?

Editor’s Note: Yes, we know Martinez would open up Colorado’s wallets more than ever, especially with Arenado, Blackmon and LeMahieu all coming up on contract talks. But we can dream, can’t we?