Colorado Rockies: Their bullpen is best in the National League

CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 19: Wade Davis. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 19: Wade Davis. Photo courtesy of Getty Images. /
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Bryan Shaw of the Colorado Rockies
New Rockies reliever Bryan Shaw. Photo courtesy of Getty Images. /

The biggest upgrade lies with the presumable new set-up man, Bryan Shaw. Shaw has quietly became the back-of-the-bullpen work horse that every team needs win ball games and to go deep in the playoffs.

According to, Shaw is sporting a 3.13 ERA, 2.64 K/BB rate and 8.0 K/9 over 446.1 relief innings during his seven seasons between the Diamondbacks and Indians. It’s also worth noting that Shaw is just as reliable health-wise, as he is with his pitching. He has never spent any time on the disabled list and leads all pitchers in appearances since the start of the 2013 season.

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Final Thoughts

While some would argue that the amount of money of Davis’ reported contract doesn’t call for a step up from other back-end relievers on the market, this take often discounts that Davis has post-season pitching experience in the closer role, even up and into the World Series. This can be a vital trait for this caliber of a bullpen.

The Rockies will still add a first basemen at some point. However, it is highly unlikely that it’ll be another mega splash signing, like a Eric Hosmer or Logan Morrison, at this point. There is more a of a chance of this happening with a trade.

With that said, their game plan is clear and simple: live with the same offense in large part, protect their young starters by going to the bullpen early, and locking down one-run leads with elite back-end relievers.

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With these moves, I think that it will surely be a blast watching the best bullpen in the National League.