Colorado Rockies: What signing Wade Davis really means

CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 19: Wade Davis. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 19: Wade Davis. Photo courtesy of Getty Images. /

Yahoo Sports columnist Jeff Passan tweeted early Friday morning that former Cubs closer Wade Davis has agreed to a deal. Passan reports that Davis, 32, will be getting a 3-year deal amounting up to $52 million with a fourth year option that totals out to $66 million. It’s an extreme amount of money for any reliever, Davis will be one of the most highest paid relievers next season.

Davis first started showing his worth with the Kansas City Royals in 2014 with an ERA of 1.00 and then in 2015 with an ERA of 0.94. After the 2016 season, he was traded to the Cubs and he put up dominating numbers with an ERA of 2.30, 37 saves, and 12.1 strikeouts per nine innings. There is no question that Wade Davis will be an efficient pitcher and he’ll put up good numbers for the Rockies.

One problem is solved, but a few still remain

The Colorado Rockies have seem to fixed their bullpen dilemma. Along with Davis they have Bryan Shaw, Chris Rusin, Jake McGee, and Adam Ottavio just to name a few. With Davis as the closer as well, the additions that GM Jeff Bridich has signed the bullpen has been solidified.

With the bullpen now coming together you can’t just say that the Rockies have solved all their problems. They’ve only answered a few of their questions, which leaves me to wonder: will the rest be answered.

The Rockies seem to be going down the imaginary checklist of things they need in this offseason. It’s not a bad thing to do, but it’s also not the best they could do.

Yes, it’s great the Rockies are going to have a stellar bullpen, but calculate the amount of money spent on 3 free agent relievers. Also, add in Chris Iannetta‘s contract. Altogether that’s four free agents with serious amounts of cash which in past seasons the Rockies haven’t really done, excluding Ian Desmond.

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The main point is that of course signing Wade Davis is a big deal, but we can’t forget that the Rockies are missing a few gears. This signing doesn’t erase the first base and outfield predicament. It does, however, change how the front office might approach both of those issues.

Davis is getting a large payout which may call off the search for free agents. This leads to the Rockies most likely going internal for both positions. It’s not a bad thing, but it may be a wasted moment due to them having the opportunity and not taking it. If they go with an external option, it will most likely be through a trade and not through free agency.

The Rox have options as to what they want to do when it comes to first base and right field. Now as the majority of their money is being spent on relievers it’s likely fitting to say that they will use Ryan McMahon and Ian Desmond. This is a good thing indeed, it allows Desmond to get playing time and McMahon to show his worth.

Final Thoughts

Everything is up in the air when it comes to the Rockies’ outfield and first base situation. That being said the bullpen should be nothing but foolproof. Question will remain until we see what exactly the front office does. Many “what if’s” are going come up, but don’t let that stray you from a good team.

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