Colorado Rockies: outfielder David Dahl to play in 2018?

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Yesterday, Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post published an article about how the Colorado Rockies general manager, Jeff Bridich, talking about the club’s priorities in the offseason. However, a potential non-issue could become an issue depending on the health of David Dahl.

The Colorado Rockies, like most other teams, have been quiet during the Hot Stove season but that doesn’t mean that Rockies GM Jeff Bridich is doing nothing. Patrick Saunders reported yesterday that even though the club is hoping that the current Rockies depth will help cover in the outfield (like Raimel Tapia, Mike Tauchman in addition to Charlie Blackmon, Gerardo Parra, and Ian Desmond as starters), the Rockies may make a move to acquire a first baseman or outfielder. However, that is dependent on the health of David Dahl.

Bridich’s comments

Bridich had this to say about the situation of signing a free agent first baseman or outfielder (h/t Patrick Saunders):

"Are we interested in looking for some sort of corner bat? Potentially, yes. Whether that’s in the outfield or first base remains to be seen. Does David Dahl’s injury situation play into that? Yes, it does.”"

Dahl only played 19 games in the minor leagues last season due to a stress reaction in his ribcage. He still has not resumed baseball activities as he has not swung a bat since July 31 but Bridich said that he expects Dahl to start baseball activities again in two weeks or so and he expects him to be ready for spring training.

Also, if you read between the lines, he says that “[w]hether that’s in the outfield or first base remains to be seen.” Well, the only other position that is on a “corner” is third base, occupied by Nolan Arenado.

NEWS FLASH: they aren’t getting rid of Arenado so it will have to be a corner outfield or at first base.

More from Rox Pile

Bridich said this about Dahl’s injury and whether or not it could be a chronic issue (again, h/t Saunders):

"“We really don’t know. I don’t think anybody really knows as this point. But things are looking good now. That’s all we are going off right now. Things are progressing as they should and there haven’t been any snags in the winter months.”"

As Saunders also notes in his article, Bridich also said that he believes that the Rockies 2018 payroll will be around what it was last season. Considering that “dead money,” like the Jose Reyes contract is off the table (that is $21.46 million alone) and the Carlos Gonzalez contract that was $20 million is off the table as well, this means that the Rockies will probably be spending some money.

Next: Speaking of offseason moves...

The Winter Meetings start this coming Sunday night so stay tuned. We may have some interesting moves coming in the very near future.