The 100 Greatest Colorado Rockies: 73 Drew Stubbs


We continue our look at the top 100 Colorado Rockies of all time in this article. Here, we look at No. 73 on our list, Drew Stubbs.

Many may not remember Drew Stubbs was even on the Colorado Rockies, let alone posted a top 100 WAR in franchise history with the club.

His second season with the Rockies might be leading to this perception. Let’s start at the beginning though. Stubbs was a two-time All-American the University of Texas and hit a triple to win the gold at the World University Championship against Japan.

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All of this led him to the eighth pick in the 2006 by the Cincinnati Reds. He debuted in 2009 but had his best year in 2010 hitting 22 homers. It wasn’t that Stubbs was ever bad in Cincinnati. He just may have never lived up to the expectations of a first round draft pick culminating in 2011 with 205 strikeouts.

Stubbs didn’t leave Ohio when he was traded in 2013 to the Cleveland Indians for Shin-Soo Choo and among other players. He didn’t wow anyone there and was traded to the Rockies for relief pitcher Josh Outman.

Stubbs’ first season in Colorado in 2014 was very fortuitous as he had the second best year of his career. He played in 132 games batting .289 with 15 homers and earning a 2.7 WAR. To add kindling to the fire he hit a walk off home run against the Reds. The next year was a different story for Stubbs. Stubbs was rewarded for his 2014 by earning a one-year deal almost worth $6 million. Stubbs struggled only playing in 51 games batting .216 for a .2 WAR. By August 2015 he was designated for assignment and he signed for with the Texas Rangers. Playing for the Rockies was the last time he had a positive WAR.

Ever since his initial designation with the Rockies he has been designated by every team since. In 2016 he spent time with the Braves, Rangers and Orioles. Just three days before this publication, Stubbs was signed to a minor league contract by the Twins.

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Stubbs was a great addition to round out the outfield, and here’s to hoping the Twins can give a jolt to his career the way his time with the Rockies did.

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