Nolan Arenado Drops Scott Boras as Agent


Scott Boras is the scourge of small-market teams. His clients notoriously do not sign extensions and enter free agency to chase the big contracts. That’s a great business move from a players perspective while teams and fans gripe and moan over the lack of loyalty. Teams are constantly surrounded by questions like this and this about if there’s even a chance to sign young Boras clients.

Rockies fans, be excited. Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal shared this glorious news on Twitter earlier this evening;

Guys. Do you know what this means? This means Nolan’s chances of staying in a Rockies uniform just grew exponentially after arbitration!

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Boras is the super-agent for baseball; he’s got his own Forbes and Grantland articles. The guy is VERY good at his job. Hell, he’s so good all his website shows is the logo and an email address. His client list is extensive as it is impressive; players like Bryce Harper, Alex Rodriguez, Bernie Williams, and Stephen Strasburg, to name a few. He orchestrated Max Scherzer’s deal with the Nationals over this past offseason for 7 years-$220 million. He takes care of his clients.

That’s all nice and dandy, but Boras doesn’t bode well for a money conscious team like the Rockies. That was always my biggest concern with Arenado; with Boras at the helm, it was only a matter of time before he was wearing a different uniform. With Boras out of the picture, my hopes are higher that Arenado, who is entering his first year of arbitration as a Super 2 player, might stay in a Rockies uniform for the long-term. Not only will the front office be devoid of brash comments and attempts to publicly criticize the handling of his clients (because, let’s face it, there’s enough of that already), it might actually be easier to keep our talent around.

As a person, I’m never for someone losing a client. While I was in college I interned for a sports agency and I know how fickle the business is for both sides. I’ll never root for someone to lose part of their livelihood, but if it was going to happen to someone, I’m glad it’s Boras.

As a Rockies fan, well…

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