Series Preview: Colorado Rockies vs New York Mets

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Sep 9, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Mets second baseman D. Murphy (28) reaches on an infield single as Colorado Rockies first baseman J. Morneau (33) is late with the tag during the third inning at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s Meet The Mets

Just like with the Nationals, the Rockies don’t see the Mets very much — so let’s go over some recent Mets news and get to know this NL East-leading club as the Rockies prepare for four at Citi Field.

Mets rally in the ninth to defeat Rays (
Not going to post every recent Mets game recap here, but this is indicative of their recent events… they rally late to go ahead in the eighth and ninth innings quite a bit. Which is actually a bad thing for the Rockies, because crap, you’ve seen our bullpen.

Jerry Blevins out for season after re-breaking forearm (Rising Apple).
This is obviously not going to affect the Rockies (he had been out virtually all year), but the way he did it… after breaking his forearm in April, Blevins worked all the way back to almost re-appear in New York, only to step off a curb, slip, and re-break the same forearm that had just been repaired. Good lord, man.

Citi Field finally starting to feel like Shea Stadium (Rising Apple).
So the Mets are finally starting to play the right way at home, and the fans in New York are eventually starting to take notice, recognizing that, hey, this isn’t May and these wins aren’t a fluke any more. Should be a fun time for the Rockies.

Mets bullpen is still evolving (Rising Apple).
See Rockies Key #3 on the previous slide… See? SEE?! If you hang around on a starter, wear him down, find yourself losing 2-1 or 3-2 or something late in a game, something weird could happen and the Rockies could steal a win or two! Anything could happen!

Ok… Rockies, Mets, starts tonight — and early, too, they are of course on the east coast. Let’s do this!

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