What’d The Colorado Rockies Get For Troy Tulowitzki? We Talk To Jays Journal

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Jul 30, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (2) runs to third base as he advances on a double hit by third baseman Josh Donaldson (not pictured) in the first inning at Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

RP: On the deadline as a whole, how does it feel to be the craziest team in baseball? Like, you guys out did over-the-winter-AJ-Preller. Has the room stopped spinning yet in Toronto?

SD: Things in Toronto are still buzzing. There has not been this much excitement in a very long time. Not only did we get the best short stop in baseball, we got one of the best pitchers in David Price. And, we upgraded our bullpen with a veteran like LaTroy Hawkins.

Overall, the Blue Jays addressed every need they had heading into a stretch run. If we were being greedy, we’d point to needing another starter still. But, this is more than we’ve seen from the club in years. This “all in” approach is new to us. Too long, we’ve been waiting for the club to invest in winning now.

So, regardless of the players, almost, there is an excitement that this club plans on competing this year. It’s a bit of a foreign concept. And, in September, there are 23 games against division rivals, so there will be real, meaningful baseball in Toronto for the first time in a very long time.

RP: I would ask you the World Series question in light of all the trades, but let’s be real — the Jays are still on the outside looking in on the playoff race, and you can’t win a World Series if you don’t get to the playoffs. Will the Jays make the playoffs with all these additions at the deadline? Was it enough for the team to gel and win now?

SD: The one thing that is interesting about these moves is that they are meant to bring playoff baseball to Toronto. Now, as of right now, they sit 6.5 back of the division leading Yankees, but just a game out of the Wild Card. And, they picked up one of the few starters you’d absolutely bank on in a one game playoff in David Price.

So, while they may not look like a World Series team, they certainly have a great chance of playing playoff baseball for the first time in 22 years.

The offense is arguably the best in baseball. With the Wild Card so close, don’t be surprised if it carries them all the way to October. And, with Price in the rotation, there will be 13 starts that Blue Jays fans expect to win. The rest of the rotation does not have to be David Price. They just need to keep the bats in the game long enough.

In the playoffs anything can happen. The Blue Jays just need to get there. And, with that Wild Card so close and 13 games left against the Yankees, it looks better than it has in a really long time.

RP: What’s the future look like beyond this year — any sense the club will get David Price long term? Is it a one-and-done going for broke kind of season, or were these moves made with a long-term plan in mind, too?

SD: That is the bajillion dollar question. For years, Rogers Communications has been bashed incessantly about spending. It was believed to be so bad that it crippled the team. They also had a questionable “5 Year Policy” that limited negotiations with free agents.

So, the David Price situation will be very interesting. Right now, the fans are just enjoying seeing him in a Blue Jays’ uniform. When the season is over, it is up in the air if this team will back up the dumptruck of cash it will take to retain Price’s services.

It is believed that Toronto is at a disadvantage when trying to sign free agents. Relative unfamiliarity of the city (and country of Canada), high taxes and a mediocre team have all been blamed for the difficulty. So, the Blue Jays are believed to have to offer way more money to sign a free agent than other teams. But, if they are going to do that, David Price is the guy to do it for.

They have lots of money coming off the books with R.A. Dickey and Mark Buehrle‘s contracts ending. Winning would certainly help their cause too. So, while the trade deadline showed a lot about their intent to win now, the offseason could tell even more.

The one thing we know is that Alex Anthopoulos always has a plan. Perhaps with all of these moves, he has put ownership in a position where they have no choice but to support his efforts. Some think that he is playing for his job since his contract is up this year.

With a new president coming in too, perhaps they cannot look any further than this year. So, if he goes out, he’ll go out with a bang.

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