Examining The Colorado Rockies At The Trade Deadline

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Trade candidate: Charlie Blackmon, John Axford Jeramiah and Greg: Only room for one beard, keep Chuck Chuck a 2014 All-Star had a slash line of .291/.360/.463 with a wRC+ of 113 going into the 2015 All-Star break, which is an improvement of his 2014 numbers.  Once a question mark as a lead off hitter, Chuck has settled in quite nicely at the top spot becoming more patient.  With a real depth flaw for lead off hitters in the organization it’s no coincedence that as Chuck goes, so does the offense.   The beard has a team friendly contract (one year $518k), who is under team control until 2019.  Keeping Chuck allows David Dahl time to grow until he’s ready to be the every lead off guy.   John Axford In his short time with the Rockies,Axford has worked his way into the hearts of Rockies fans.Axford whowas signed to a minor league deal, has become a huge asset as the Rockies closer with injuries toAdamOttavinoandLatroy Hawkins.  Not much to see here other than a chance for the Rockies to cash in on a low risk investment. This trade deadline could shape the Rockies future and define the team going forward.  Whether the team drastically changes its landscape or stands pat, Rockies fans opinion ofJeffBridich could be swayed come August 1st.  So fans who do you  want to see moved at the deadline?

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