June 17, 2004: Boston Red Sox 11, Colorado Rockies 0


Sep 25, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Boston Red Sox designated hitter D. Ortiz (34) hits a double in the second inning of the game against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Interleague play got ya down? Don’t worry. As bad as the Colorado Rockies have been at it recently, things could always be worse — like this game from 2004!

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Ok, so, interleague play has been tough on the Colorado Rockies. Going on the road to play American League teams has proven especially difficult. That’s OK! The Houston Astros are one of the better teams in the AL, and the Los Angeles Angels, who the Rockies visited in May, are halfway decent themselves.

So it’s only fair, then, to look back on a great moment in Colorado Rockies interleague history in this week’s edition of Wayback Wednesday, and —- hahaha, just kidding, this week I decided to drive the depression a little bit deeper over this whole AL-NL mashup and go down memory road to the pits of Colorado Rockies hell.

…Or… something (?)

Hyperbole aside, exactly eleven years ago today, the 2004 version of the Colorado Rockies was blown out 11-0 at Coors Field by the Boston Red Sox.

Aaron Cook started for the Rockies, and wasn’t terrible, allowing three runs in five innings. He did walk four guys, but he struck out seven, and by the time he left the game, the Rockies were down 3-0 which, at Coors Field, I mean, come on. You’re a couple of swings away from being right back in the game, right?

No, no. Not on that particular Thursday. The Red Sox started Derek Lowe, and he shut out the Rockies, allowing just four hits (the Rockies didn’t get an extra-base hit all day) and four walks in seven innings.

The real fun began late for the Red Sox. They scored eight runs in the final three innings, thanks to Rockies’ reliever Kevin Jarvis allowing six runs on five hits and three walks in one-plus innings of work.

Jarvis gave up a David Ortiz home run, and three doubles (including one to Ortiz!), retiring only three of the eleven batters he faced and raising his season ERA to 11.57. Um.

Choo Freeman pinch-hit in this game. And Kit Pellow. Kit Pellow!

Anyways, that’s your (depressing) Wayback Wednesday for this week. Or, perhaps it’s uplifting, since it’d be difficult for the Rockies to do much worse than that with the Astros in town for two games this week? Yeah. Let’s go with that.

The Colorado Rockies: anecdotally bad at interleague play since at least 2004!

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