Rockies Prospects to Watch That Aren’t Named Jonathan Gray


Jonathan Gray is grabbing all the headlines, but the Colorado Rockies farm system is more than just it’s star prospect.

All anyone is talking about is that tall righty from Oklahoma.

Jon Gray’s spring has a lot of Rockies fans and talking heads discussing what the plan should be for the former first round pick and though that discussion deserves it’s share of the headlines it’s suddenly become the only thing to talk about when Rockies prospects are brought up.

But, let’s just pretend Jonathan Gray isn’t the only player the Rockies have in the minor leagues for a second, let’s talk about the other prospects that fill one of the deepest systems the Rockies have had since their 1993 expansion.

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David Dahl-OF

The number one prospect in the system is somehow not talked about enough. After injuries basically eliminated David Dahl’s 2013, the 2012 first round pick found his swing again last season and he looks poised to make Modesto a very fun team to watch this summer. Dahl had very limited time at the big league camp but the 20-year-old’s development and powerful swing is making life post Carlos Gonzalez seem very livable in Colorado. Though he could be almost two full seasons away from making the big league roster, this is the most encouraging bat the Rockies have had since a certain gold glove third baseman had 122 RBI in Modesto in 2011.

The scouts love Dahl. His live bat and work ethic were raved about in many scouting reports including Baseball America’s. An outfielder with unquestionable defensive range and a swing that can drive balls is actually the dream player one might come up with when thinking of the best players to play at Coors Field. It won’t happen tomorrow, but an outfield with Dickerson and Dahl patrolling 2/3rds of it sounds like a dreamscape.

Raimel Tapia-OF

The darling of Rockies bloggers everywhere on twitter, Raimel Tapia may have the sexiest swing in the organization. The Dominican outfielder won the Pioneer League batting title in 2014 turning a lot of heads and shooting his name up a lot of top prospect lists. Defensively, Tapia is speedy and can cover a ton of range in the outfield but it’s his absolute cannon of an arm that has a lot of scouts drooling. With both Dahl and Tapia patrolling the outfield in Modesto it’s very easy to see why the Nuts may be the most fun team to watch in the entire organization.

Tyler Anderson-LHP

Anderson may not be one to watch in terms of him being a potential star, but after injuries set his career back a couple years the former Oregon Duck may finally be ready to fill a rotation role at the big leagues. Anderson’s profile has switched to more of a back line starter but with a future rotation of Gray-Butler-Matzek already planned, Anderson may be a very valuable asset to the organization moving forward.

He’s not a fireball pitcher, Anderson’s fastball is possibly his fourth best pitch. To counter this, his breaking balls move quickly and his change-up is extremely deceptive which could spell quick, sustainable success at Coors Field.

Nobody’s looking for Anderson to set the world on fire and win Cy Youngs like Jon Gray but his comeback from injury and potential for quick growth is not to be ignored.

So while Kiszla is yelling at people on twitter that they’re Monfort water boys and your friends are making jokes about when Tulo is going to get hurt, you can listen to some Modesto Nuts games and maybe, just maybe, dream about the future.

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