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Troy Tulowitzki will not be traded to the New York Yankees

Derek Jeter retired. Tulo loves Jeter. Now the Yankees need a shortstop. People have always presumed that the Rockies will have no choice but to trade Tulo to a big market team. Those are just some of the factors that have led people to connect the dots and suggest that Troy Tulowitzki will be traded to the Yankees.

Take, for example, this most report from Jon Heyman.

"Meantime, a couple other teams — including the rival Yankees — are said to have checked in recently on Tulowitzki in the wake of the report here late last week that talks between the Mets and Rockies were ongoing… …The Yankees re-checked late last week on Tulo’s availability, and while there is significant question whether they could even match up with the Rockies, their trade for the hard-throwing Nate Eovaldi could possibly give them a slightly better chance."

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Why the Rockies shouldn’t want it

Because the Yankees don’t have the goods and because the Yankees…yes, those Yankees…would want the Rockies to eat salary to make the deal work.

If the Rockies traded Troy Tulowitzki to the Mets right now, they could get $0.75 on the dollar for him. If the Rockies traded Troy Tulowitzki to the Yankees right now, they could get $0.30 on the dollar for him.

No thanks.

Why it won’t happen

Honestly, this won’t happen because the Yankees won’t do it. They made long commitments to Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury last winter, they still have an ARod problem, and if they are going to add a big name this winter it’s going to be in an effort to bolster their potentially horrendous rotation.

The Yankees claim that they are going to move away from long-term, overpaying deals because they have learned their lesson from mistakes like ARod and Mark Teixeira. They’re probably lying, but they are probably going to sign Max Scherzer, not attempt to trade for Tulowitzki and all the years left on his otherwise reasonable deal.

Oh, and did we mention that they have nothing close to the prospects to make a deal work?

What this shows

Almost always, this speculation follows a familiar arc: “The Yankees might want to trade for Troy Tulowitzki, they might have even asked, so wow, what if Troy Tulowitzki replaced Derek Jeter? Oh by the way, the Yankees aren’t actually that interested and the Rockies probably won’t trade him, so this definitely won’t happen. But hey, Tulo to the Yankees, what a thought, hey?”

People really want this to be a thing because it would be an interesting and nationally relevant story. But it’s just not a thing, and it probably never will be.

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