Jon Lester Rumors: Dodgers Making Late Push For Lester?


Jon Lester was already the subject of rumors that linked him to the San Francisco Giants. Now there might be another NL West team interested, as the Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly trying to swoop in on the left-handed ace.

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Add this to the list of questions that Rockies’ fans would rather not consider: would you rather deal with Jon Lester on the Dodgers or on the Giants? Would you rather see Jon Lester paired with Clayton Kershaw in Los Angeles or with Madison Bumgarner in San Francisco?

Neither scenario is exactly pleasant to think about. In the meantime, the Rockies have been linked to Kevin Correia thus far in their search for a free agent starting pitcher.

Woo hoo.

The Giants were rumored to be on the short list for Lester as he approaches a decision this week. And while we were told that Lester is choosing between the Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, and the Giants, now we are hearing that the Dodgers are trying to swoop in with an offer in the 11th hour.

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier of WEEI report the following about the Dodgers and their interest in Kershaw:

"But, multiple sources connected to teams interested in Lester have told that the Dodgers are a late entrant into the sweepstakes, with both serious interest in the top left-hander on the market and the resources to make a hard, late charge."

The scariest thing about a “hard, late” charge from the Dodgers is that we all know what the offers were in terms of years and dollars. Lester has offers on the table for six years and $130-135 million. If we know, the Dodgers know.

So…what’s to stop the Dodgers from offering $150 million? They can back-load the extra money if they have to, and that’s all chump change to them anyway.

Rockies’ fans are left to sweat out Lester’s decision, and now there are two possible destinations for the stud lefty in the NL West.

Lester went 16-11 in 2014 with a 2.46 ERA and 9 K/9 in 219.2 innings of work. He was as good as he’s ever been, and the idea of facing him for the foreseeable future is a not a fun one.

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