San Francisco Giants Win World Series, Again


The San Francisco Giants won the World Series once again on Wednesday night, making it three times in the last five years. What does that mean for the Colorado Rockies?

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  • For the third time in the last five years, the San Francisco Giants are World Series champions. For the Rockies, that means that for the third time in the last five years, the World Series champion comes from the National League West.

    As far as the regular season was concerned, the Giants were far from a guarantee to even reach the playoffs. They sputtered at the end of the season and saw their Wild Card spot in doubt. They had to go on the road to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in said Wild Card game. This was no easy road, yet the Giants seem to prove again and again that they “know how to win.”

    Who are we to argue at this point? Granted, having Madison Bumgarner on your pitching staff helps, but it still doesn’t totally compute that this Giants team won another World Series. However it happened, they have done it again, and now the Rockies stare down a grim reality in the National League West.

    There is the Giants, the team that inexplicably wins games and will all but inevitably win the World Series in 2016 (even years, man). Then there is the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team that has Clayton Kershaw, a bottomless payroll, and now has Andrew Friedman as its team Vice President.

    To have those two at the top of the division makes the foreseeable future seem daunting for the Rockies and the rest of the NL West. If you want to believe that the Rockies can be relevant soon, an ambitious stance in its own right, you are still looking at a world where the Rockies have only the slimmest chances of ever winning a division title. They will be left to fight through the mess that is the Wild Card race if they have any chance at all.

    Once again, the Giants have reminded the Rockies what team is the class of the division. At this point, it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

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