San Francisco Giants To The World Series, Again


The San Francisco Giants are appearing in the World Series. This is the third time in the last five years that the Rockies’ NL West foe has won the National League pennant.

Even years.

The San Francisco Giants, the team that happens to taunt the Colorado Rockies season after season, are in the World Series once again. They won it all in 2010 and 2012 and now they are back in 2014.

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  • We might hate the Giants, but how could you not also be wildly jealous of the Giants?

    It’s a harsh reality for the Rockies these days. The Giants are perennial World Series contenders, which is a label we cannot use lightly. The Los Angeles Dodgers have a mega-payroll and now have a highly regarded executive in charge with Andrew Friedman. The Arizona Diamondbacks have finally moved on from their nonsensical commitment to grit under the Kirk Gibson/Kevin Towers regime. Arizona now has a Hall of Famer in charge in Tony La Russa. That might not work out, but we would be foolish to ignore the possibility that La Russa might build a contender as well.

    That’s three franchises in decidedly better positions than the Rockies. Our boys might be on the same level as the San Diego Padres, but there is only so much comfort to be taken in that fact.

    But the Giants are the scariest of them all. I have been in denial about that fact, and I still think that the Dodgers will be the NL West favorites again next season. I say that, and yet the Giants will return yet another group of guys who have come through in the biggest moments in 2015. It might be out of style to invest in those sorts of narratives, but I believe that matters.They also have one of the best managers in baseball in Bruce Bochy, a factor that has gotten a lot of attention this postseason and rightfully so.

    Even years. It’s a thing. The Rockies should shoot for 2017 as the start of their contention window, at the earliest, because we might as well come to peace now with the fact that 2015 isn’t gonna happen and then the Giants will win the World Series in 2016 for their fourth World Series ring of the decade.

    Even years.

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