Colorado Rockies: Lack of moves in 2014 will hurt new GM Jeff Bridich

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

So…what should Jeff Bridich do first?

The answer, and the move that might get things rolling sooner for Bridich in his new gig, might be to trade Gonzalez. That gets messy, however, and it might present the first opportunity for owner Dick Monfort to meddle in Bridich’s affairs.

Still, if the Rockies find an acceptable deal for Gonzalez as he tries to rehab his knee, that could create the kind of flexibility that Bridich could make interesting moves this off-season. That could even include re-signing Cuddyer if the Rockies really want to go there.

I am as curious as anybody to see how Bridich handles his GM duties. I just think we would be wise to understand that he might get off to a slow start this winter, thanks in large part to the lack of moves from the previous regime during the 2014 season.

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