Rockies News: Trade rumors, All-Star Game, and Blackmon’s season


Near the beginning of June, specifically around June 4th, I had multiple conversations with fans on social media who were throwing up their hands in exasperation at the fact that the team was falling apart again in that fateful month. They were frustrated that another season would be ruined by a bad showing in June.

My thoughts, at the time, were that it was way too soon to react that way. I thought we should at least wait until the month was over to call it a disaster.

They were right. I was wrong. Those who saw the demise from the start this month were right. Now, with incredibly bad injury luck and some awfully bad baseball to go with it, the Rockies are limping into July after an 8-20 record in June.

There is some good news coming, as guys like Boone Logan, Carlos Gonzalez, and Nolan Arenado inch closer to returning to the team. Still, things look rough for the Rockies for the week or so, at the very least. Here’s what else is happening with the Rockies:

From Bryan Kilpatrick: Tuesday Rockpile: The Rockies are stuck in limbo as trade time approaches (Purple Row)

"Unfortunately, there isn’t much the Rockies can do even if they decide to be deadline sellers. Jorge De La Rosa is likely the only player of value who makes sense to trade, but it’s hard not to get the feeling that the Rockies would be selling low on him after an awful June. Michael Cuddyer has put up great numbers for the second consecutive year, but he likely won’t return to the field until August, robbing the Rockies of any sort of value they’d otherwise get for him in a trade."

From Karl Buscheck: Predicting the 2014 MLB All-Star Game Starting Lineups (Bleacher Report)

"Troy Tulowitzki claims the No. 3 spot in the lineup because he’s been the most fearsome hitter in the NL in 2014.The shortstop for the Colorado Rockies leads all of baseball in batting average (.353), OBP (.445) and OPS (1.062)."

From Carson Cistuli: The Most Improved Players Thus Far byProjected WAR (FanGraphs)

"Charlie Blackmon, OF, ColoradoBlackmon’s 2014 season hasn’t been the revelation one might have expected given the outfielder’s first month. An inspection of the WAR leaderboard from April reveals Blackmon’s name ninth among all major-league batters, at 1.4 — not far off the pace set by Troy Tulowitzki (2.1) and Mike Trout (1.9) at that time. Now 226 plate appearances later, Blackmon has only added +0.1 WAR to his overall season total."