This Week on Rox Pile


Read on for everything good we wrote this week, including the work of a new staff writer!


I wrote a recap of Friday’s loss to the Rangers, which didn’t feel like such a bad thing since Texas only scored 4 runs.

I posted the lineups for Saturday’s game against the Rangers.

I wrote a recap of Saturday’s win over the Rangers, a surprise to just about everyone.


Zach posted the lineups for Sunday’s series finale against the Rangers.


I wrote a recap of Sunday’s loss to the Rangers, celebrating (as I do so much this season) how it could have been worse.

Hayden made a list of 8 things the Rockies should not do as this abysmal season rolls into its second half.

New staff writer alert! Trevor wrote a response to rumors that Cargo is on the trading block.

Curtis posted the lineups for Monday’s series opener against the Nationals, featuring the debuts of Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper at Coors Field.


I wrote a recap for Monday’s win over the Nationals, proof that even Strasburg and Harper can’t hold the Rockies down on a good day.

Curtis posted the lineups for Tuesday’s game against the Nationals.

Hayden wrote a farewell to Bob Apodaca when the news broke that he had requested reassignment.


I wrote a recap for Tuesday’s loss to the Nationals, in which the pitching was no better with Apodaca gone.

Curtis posted the lineups for Wednesday’s game against the Nationals, Edwar Cabrera’s major league debut.


I wrote a recap for Wednesday’s loss to the Nationals, the second day in a row on which Washington scored more than 10 runs.

Curtis posted the lineups for Thursday’s series finale with the Nationals.

Zach lamented the lack of accountability and all the excuses coming out of the front office this season.


I wrote a recap for Thursday’s win over the Nationals, featuring Marco Scutaro’s first walk-off hit of the year.

Hayden posted the lineups for Friday’s series opener with the Padres.

Zach evaluated Troy Tulowitzki’s performance this season and wondered whether he was living up to his contract.

Trevor contributed his own thoughts on Bob Apodaca’s contribution to the club over the years.