What The Rockies Should Not Do


With most everybody convinced that the current season is hopeless for the Rockies, the focus has shifted towards what steps the franchise should take to fix things moving forward. Many suggestions focus on what the Rockies should do. Here are some things they should not do:

1. Don’t trade Carlos Gonzalez

A given, but more importantly…

2. Don’t indulge the CarGo trade rumors

One writer from the New York Post, which I didn’t think was actually a real newspaper, writes that the Rockies should trade CarGo to the Yankees. That is about as substantive or worthy of attention as it would be if I wrote that the Nationals should trade Stephen Strasburg to the Rockies for Jhoulys Chacin. And yet, it actually becomes a thing. Huh? How? Smart writers have explained why it is absurd, as seen here and here. The franchise should laugh out loud (lol!) at anybody who tries to give this thing legs.

3. Don’t talk about Coors Field

And if we are going to pretend that it’s still the same hitter’s paradise that it’s always been, shouldn’t Ubaldo Jimenez have been the unanimous Cy Young award winner in 2010? Didn’t 5 starting pitchers win 10 games in 2009? Meanwhile, back in 2012 reality, these pitchers stink everywhere. And the offense is improved. Those two factors are contributing to the increased offense. And yes, Coors Field is hitter friendly, but it’s not more than that. So shut up about the park.

4. Don’t retain Jim Tracy

This four man rotation is bananas, and it’s so clearly a decision made out of desperation. Additionally, Dexter Fowler‘s mini slump should not have banished him to the bottom of the order again (and that’s from a guy who wanted him at the bottom of the order earlier this year). Tracy’s job is slipping away, as it should be. He is responding by trying to be overly clever, which does not help a team whose talent is clearly lacking. He’s gots to go.

5. Don’t panic about the depth of the organization

Yet. And I suppose this is as much about the fans as it is the team itself.

We aren’t far from hitting the panic button on the whole “depth” issue, but it’s not fair to give up on any of the following young pitchers: Drew Pomeranz, Juan Nicasio, Alex White, Tyler Chatwood, Christian Friedrich, and even the now somewhat controversial Jhoulys Chacin. And that doesn’t even mention the not-as-young Josh Outman. In my mind, all of those pitchers are in earlier stages of their careers (even Chacin). It still might develop into pitching depth…just not necessarily any time soon. Which is why the Rockies really, really stink right now. There’s plenty of other things to panic about, so let’s hold off on this part for now.

6. Don’t blink on the Michael Cuddyer signing.

He has done absolutely fine, despite what Woody Paige and others might think. You’re getting what you (over)paid for with him. Speaking of Woody Paige’s column…

7. Don’t call up Edwar Cabrera this season

Instead, take Troy Renck’s tip and bring up Drew Pomeranz as part of a more reasonable plan. The Rockies need to look to the future, but they also need to learn from the fact that they are currently struggling with a pile of youngsters who got rushed to the show.

8. Don’t trade Jason Giambi

I know it will make sense in a lot of ways, but just please don’t. Why? For one thing, he’s awesome. I don’t want to see him leave. I think I also have designs on him as a coach. How about as an interim manager later this year? The Rockies love going against the grain, so why not bring back the player/manager title? Paging any John McGraw fans out there. I think we’ve got something here…