With Kobe Bryant getting his well-deserved statue, it is time the Rockies get their first player statue

A symbol of an iconic figure for certain franchises, the Rockies have yet to reward anyone with a statue...it's time we change that.
Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies
Arizona Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies / Doug Pensinger/GettyImages

The Rockies have sort of been behind the eight ball if you will. They are one of the newest franchises, but the way things have been run seem to be dated. In one of the most beautiful and magnificent stadiums in all of baseball, the Rockies are without a team hall of fame, and they have also only retired two numbers (retiring Todd Helton's number 17, then retiring Hall of Famer Larry Walker's number 33 in 2021). With the recent induction of Helton into the Hall of Fame, it is time that we start changing things.

In a new era of Rockies baseball, it is time we change some things, let's honor one of the Rockies greats, Todd Helton, with a statue

Statues are a way to memorialize the icons of a franchise. When you look around the league, many teams have statues out front or even inside the stadium that highlight the legends of that particular franchise. Other than making the Hall of Fame, there is arguably no greater honor then being honored with a statue that will stand outside or inside a stadium forever.

On Thursday, February 8th, the Lakers honored one of the best basketball players ever with a statue. It depicts him holding his hand up after his 81-point performance and symbolizes the legendary career of the late Kobe Bryant. This brough up the question, "should the Rockies place a statue of a team legend outside of the stadium?"

The answer that question, is undoubtedly yes. The Rockies are behind the times and in one the most asthetically gorgeous stadiums in baseball, they are lacking are certain nostalgic feel outside the stadium. They are lacking something fans can gather around and take pictures with, something that can be shared all around social media, something that when fans go visit Coors Field in Colorado, they will make it a point to go see the statue, The ending of the video above would make a great statue as Todd Helton celebrates the Rockies clinching their postseason berth. It would bring back plenty of nostalgic memories for Rockies fans that know the excitement that season brought. There may not be a better statue for a franchise than the picture above, if the Rockies were able to memorialize Helton in that way,

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