Top Rockies Fantasy Batting Prospects 2024: No. 5 Kris Bryant

So you want to be a GM? Could this former MVP be a valuable asset to your fantasy baseball team?
New York Yankees v Colorado Rockies
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The MLB season can feel extremely long for some fans. It helps if the team you watch is contending in their respective division or the wild card race. If they aren't, or you are just looking for something to maintain your attention around the MLB from April to October, fantasy baseball is a great tool to use as a fan of the game!

If you are brand new to Fantasy baseball, this series won't break down the nuances of fantasy baseball and whether you should find a rotisserie or head-to-head scoring league. There are hundreds, if not thousands of articles, that can do a better job of that than I ever could! What I DO want to do is look at the Rockies roster and who you can expect will produce for you on your fantasy roster.

Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Coming in at #5 is none other than Kris Bryant. I am hoping by this time next year, Kris has moved up a few spots on this list and proved to be a fantastic free agent signing. As of today, all we can do is cross our fingers and see how it goes!

Hopefully 2024 is a season of good health for Kris Bryant, it could prove valuable to your fantasy baseball team

Kris is projected to play in 128 games this upcoming season with the following slash line - .269/.343/.451, while compiling 133 hits, hit 28 doubles, 1 triple, 20 home runs, and 74 RBI.

I know this is a fantasy league series, but I would sign up for this type of output from Kris 10 times out of 10, as a Rockies fan and a fantasy GM! As it compares to the rest of the MLB, Kris's 2024 projected stats would clock in at 276th. Depending on the number of rounds your league has in its draft, and knowing the struggles Kris has had over the last few seasons with staying on the field, you should be able to draft Kris in the last few rounds, if not picking him up on waivers after the draft has completed.