The Rockies could create the best uniform in baseball

East Carolina University baseball recently unveiled their "powder purple" uniforms, prompting Rockies fans to make a Colorado rendition that would surely be the talk of baseball.

St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies
St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies / Kyle Cooper/Colorado Rockies/GettyImages

Baseball has a long-standing tradition of teams looking snazzy on the field, and there are no better-looking renditions than a good off-color set. The Cardinals and Phillies powder blue sets they sported in the 70's and early 80's immediately come to mind, or for a more modern example, Minnesota's "Twin City" cream home jerseys. Baseball team's uniforms have the unique quality of being able to maintain staunch traditionalism in some cases, such as the Yankees or Dodgers home jerseys, or explore new and creative flare, like the Diamondbacks or the Brewers and their many different looks.

While there is currently a major issue in the quality and production of the new Nike Vapor Premier uniforms that are set to be used in 2024, there is no question that there are some beautiful looking uniforms in the game, and this certainly applies to college baseball as well. College teams have even more freedom in the creativity that they are able to express with their uniforms, the most recent shining example of this comes from the East Carolina Pirates of the American Athletic Conference, who recently unveiled their powder purple uniforms, and needless to say, they are beyond gorgeous. Wait - what goes beyond "gorgeous"? I'll tell you what, East Carolina's powder purple uniforms. They have generated lots of buzz on Rockies twitter, "the Rockies need to do this too" and I couldn't agree more.

The Rockies find themselves in a unique and advantageous place when it comes to uniforms, as they are the only team currently using the color purple. They currently sport their home pinstripes, road greys, purple tops, and their excellent green city connect uniforms. Overall, a really good lineup, but one vast improvement could be made: some powder purples that could be worn at home or on the road, I can picture them now, with grey "Rockies" lettered across the front with dark purple and white outline, dark purple piping on the pants, and maybe some tasty piping on the collar and/or sleeves, not quite a carbon copy of ECU's, but imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

This, however would force out one of Colorado's current uniforms, and I don't think there would be a candlelight vigil if the road grey sets were voted off the island; the purple tops and grey pants could be used as the primary road set, and the powder purples could take the place as the alternate road uniforms, and serve as a another alternate for home games, as well with the City Connects and the purple tops.

There could, however, also be an argument made to keep the road greys, axe the home pinstripes, and use the rotation of the purple tops with pinstripe pants, City Connects, and our theoretical darling powder purples as the home sets. While using the road greys, purple tops with grey pants, and powder purples as the road uniforms, I realize that is a lot at once and it would be a lot tougher to ditch the home pinstripes for merchandise sales. Plus, every team needs a traditional white home uniform. All that being said, the Rockies could escalate themselves in the "who has the best uniform" argument very quickly if they (or rather, Nike) created a fresh look that has not been attempted in Major League Baseball, the powder purples, baby, the powder motherbleepin' purples.

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