The last 2 free agent depth additions the Rockies should look into

With spring training set to begin this month, we take a look at 3 players the Rockies should add for depth.
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Austin Meadows

We have talked a few times about Austin Meadows this offseason, his fit with this team just makes a lot of sense. The Rockies are about as good as it gets when it comes to a bounce back position. The hitter friendly confines of Coors field and the ability to play regularly with the lack of outfield depth could prove valuable for both the Rockies and Austin Meadows. The Bradley Zimmer addition might seem like it makes the Meadows addition unnecessary, but Zimmer is more of a defensive ace and a centerfielder, where Meadows has more upside offensively as a corner outfielder.

Meadows makes a lot of sense for this group as the Rockies really lack middle of the order potential. Meadows could join a group of Nolan Jones, Hunter Goodman, and Sean Bouchard as the corner outfielders. Meadows was a borderline elite player in 2019 putting up a 4.5 fWAR, 144 wRC+ and 33 home runs. He could provide a legit middle of the order bat with a ton of upside.

The free agent market has pretty slow moving, meaning the Rockies shouldn't have to get too crazy for a Meadows deal. Meadows might only take a one-year deal for $1-$2 million, which could prove the be great value if you can extract some of that 2019 season out of him.

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