The last 2 free agent depth additions the Rockies should look into

With spring training set to begin this month, we take a look at 3 players the Rockies should add for depth.
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We are that much closer to the season beginning. We are now in the same month that spring training will begin. Maybe Rockies fans aren't that excited coming off a 100+ loss season, but there is a lot of reasons for optimism this year. There is a lot of young exciting talent that this team has developed, and we will get to see some of those names on display this year. Spring training will be an exciting time as a lot of Rockies top prospects will join some veterans to get some experience. GM Bill Schmidt said that he expects quite a few of these names to make their debut later this year, showing Rockies fans that there is reason for excitement, just on the horizon.

With the Rockies focused on developing young talent, a lot of playing time should go to guys that are ready to debut and get a full season to prove that they will be a valuable long-term asset to the club. With that being said, the Rockies still have to field a team that will compete and draw fans out to the baseball field. The Rockies have had a couple of prospects debut and look great (Nolan Jones and Ezequiel Tovar), but there are certainly holes on this roster that should not be overlooked. The Rockies need this depth so they aren't forced into putting young players into positions that they are uncomfortable with, as this can hurt their overall development. With that being said, let's take a look at three additions the Rockies could still make that could provide some solid depth.