Rockies win with new steaming platform

Rockies.TV not only allows for steaming in market, but offers so much more.

2024 Colorado Rockies Spring Training
2024 Colorado Rockies Spring Training / Kyle Cooper/Colorado Rockies/GettyImages

The Rockies announced a new tv deal the other week and this has a major impact on how fans can watch the games. For the first time in Colorado baseball history fans can now stream the games in market, which means people in the Rocky Mountain West can finally catch every Rockies game on their mobile devices.  This is huge, especially for people like me who can’t be at home for every game, now we have the option to watch on the go. 

I live in Denver and like most of us, I love to go up to the mountains during the summer or scoot up to Wyoming for some fly fishing. One of the things I loathed about summer travel in the Rockies was not being able to watch the Rockies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to call hotels or check with the owners of a rental in the mountains to see if they have the Rockies channel available in their unit.  This has been a big point of contention for me and have literally canceled trips because I could not watch Colorado baseball. 

Oct 1, 2023; Denver, Colorado, USA; General wide view of Coors Field during the seventh inning
Oct 1, 2023; Denver, Colorado, USA; General wide view of Coors Field during the seventh inning / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Rockies are being streamed in region, I can head up to the mountains, get some much-needed R&R, and still be able to watch my team.  Plus, those Wednesday afternoon games that I always had to listen to on the radio are now available on my phone at work.  Don’t tell my boss, but I plan on taking full advantage of being able to stream games when I am at my desk. This is huge for any Rockies fan who misses games because they are not in front of a television that has access to cable. 

I had the pleasure of watching the first game of spring training and Rockies.TV did a fantastic job of broadcasting the game. Of course, Drew Goodman and company did a wonderful job as always calling the game in a professional yet fun manner. The new cameras that were put into play on Friday really did a great job at capturing new angles of the game. The zip line camera above the stands really gave a broad perspective of the infield but my favorite was the new camera behind the dugout. This rail cam really captured my attention zooming back a fourth from behind the bench and I’m really looking forward to seeing these new cameras in action at Coors Field.   

Streaming television has been around long enough, and it has taken a network going under but finally MLB made the right move to allow in market streaming. Kudos to the MLB and the Rockies for finally making every game available to everyone. Hopefully this will open up the Rockies to a whole new market of baseball fans that were not able to watch games because they did not have satellite or cable television. Now if we can field a team that’s worth watching I think that the ever-popular Rockies will only gain more fans throughout the Rocky Mountain region. 

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