Rockies News: A couple of trades, Nolan Jones injury update, contract extensions and more!

Opening Day is just a couple of days away, and we have a lot to talk about!

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies
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Just days away from Opening Day, the Rockies roster is shaping up and we are figuring out who will be on the squad come Thursday. The Rockies have made some moves that have started to indicate where they want to go on Opening Day, and they have a lot of fans scratching their heads. These moves won't indicate that any big-time names will be on the move, however, it may indicate that not much weight was given to the performances in the spring.

Two very questionable trades

The Rockies trade for a utility player and give up pitching....why?

On Thursday, March 21st, in a very questionable move, the Rockies acquired a talented outfielder/infielder in Greg Jones. Jones has had a couple of mediocre seasons in the minor leagues the last two years but offers something that the Rockies have lacked for quite a while, someone that can really steal bases at an elite rate.

Jones isn't a high average guy, and the most concerning thing is that he put up a strikeout rate over 35% each of the last two years between Double-A and Triple-A. The most frustrating part of this, is that the Rockies traded a solid pitching prospect away in Joe Rock. The former second round pick, just a few years ago, has flashed some really solid strikeout potential, while eating quite a bit of innings. This is just a confusing move for a team that has a lot of positional talent, while lacking significantly in the pitching department.

The Rockies are going to prospect block again, aren't they?

We thought that the Rockies had learned from their previous mistakes; the Rockies constantly acquired veteran talent, just to continue to keep their top prospects from getting a full chance in the major leagues. They seemed to have done that again when they acquired, 30-year-old outfielder, Jake Cave, from the Phillies in exchange for cash considerations.

On the surface, it's a low risk move, a trade for just cash is never a bad move.... except when the said move blocks a former first round pick from getting a decent chance at proving his major league ability (especially after dominating in spring training). I know the Rockies have said that they want someone that can play some centerfield, but they are getting an average to slightly above average defender and someone that has hit just .205 over the last three years. The desire to have a defensive centerfielder on your bench, when you have Michael Toglia ready to take off is so frustrating for Rockies fans. It's just another example of the Rockies prospect blocking and stunting Toglia's development.