3 Rockies hitters who have helped themselves this spring, 1 who hasn't

It's been a tough spring for this outfielder

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Sean Bouchard, looking to make a name for himself, has really hurt himself this spring

Bouchard came into this spring as the expected everyday right fielder. The 27-year-old had a little cup of coffee in 2023, and he really impressed. He showed some serious promise slashing .316/.372/.684 with four home runs in just 21 games. With all of that success, one of the biggest issues with Bouchard was his 32.56% strikeout rate.

There didn't seem to be a ton of competition coming into spring with a lot of the outfield upside in the Rockies system, being a couple of years away from debuting. That has changed drastically after seeing some of the competition so far. A couple of players have taken off this spring, while Bouchard has struggled. Michael Toglia has dominated this spring and shown that he is ready for a real breakout season, as a former first round pick. Elehuris Montero has hit some tape measure home runs, while cutting back on his strikeout rate significantly.

Bouchard's spring hasn't been the same, with a strikeout rate of nearly 30% and a batting average of just .225, he hasn't really taken control of the job and forced Bud Black to name him the starting right fielder. He may very well get the opening day nod, but his spring has really hurt his leash, as Michael Toglia has cut that gap down quite a bit.

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