Taking a look at 2 recent 2024 MLB Mock Drafts for the Rockies

For the rebuilding Rockies, one of the few bright spots during the year is the MLB Draft. After the MLB Draft lottery, we take a look at a couple of recent mock drafts.
San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies
San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies / Doug Pensinger/GettyImages
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In the midst of a full-blown rebuild, the most exciting time of the year for Rockies fans is when the MLB Draft comes around. In the second year of the MLB Draft lottery system, the Athletics (who had the worst record in baseball) ended up popping up with the fourth overall pick. For the Rockies (who had the second worst record in baseball) ,this meant that they now had best odds to end up with the number one overall pick. Unfortunately, they ended up with the third overall pick, getting passed by the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Guardians.

The Rockies will still be in a really good spot come draft time. The Rockies are in desperate need of some high-end pitching, as evidenced by their top two picks in 2023: Chase Dollander and Sean Sullivan, and this draft is pretty weak at the top in that department

With the Rockies obviously needing pitching, and the draft (at least, as of December 2023) lacking the obvious top-end talent of previous drafts, the Rockies will have to be creative this year. The Rockies should take the approach of best player available, because at the third overall pick, you want to get talent in any way you can. For a team bereft of elite and high upside prospects, the Rockies would be wise to take this approach. It's now worth examining two recent, and different, mock drafts to see who they have the Rockies selecting.