Rockies missed out on 2 infielders, but could add this underrated veteran

With a lack of depth, the Rockies have missed out on a couple of middle infielders. There is still one really solid veteran that they could add.

2024 Colorado Rockies Spring Training
2024 Colorado Rockies Spring Training / Kyle Cooper/Colorado Rockies/GettyImages
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The Rockies spring training is officially in full swing. They have gone 2-1 so far and have gotten some really good performances out of some youngsters like Carson Palmquist, Noah Davis, and outfielder, Jordan Beck. The Rockies pitching has been surprising so far over three Spring training with 37 strikeouts and just 15 walks. 

Once position to keep an eye on this spring is the middle infielders. The starting duo is set with a pair of potential gold glovers in Brendan Rodgers and Ezequiel Tovar, but behind them lacks a lot a depth. There is a group of Alan Trejo, Coco Monte’s and Aaron Schunk that seem to be competing for the bench role of utility infielder; a valuable role given the injuries to Rodgers and Tovar’s lack of experience. 

This is the biggest addition that I think the Rockies can still make. If they don’t add a veteran to the middle infield group, they could end up putting a younger infielder in a position that they are not ready for yet; they could also be rolling out a player that isn’t really at the level of a major league infielder, resulting in an extremely subpar middle infield group. The Rockies had quite a few options for a middle infielder looking to rebound coming into this offseason; someone that could add some valuable depth and leadership to this team. Let’s take a look at 2 of those options that have already signed and one that the Rockies can still add to help the major league roster.