Rockies dream scenario in the 2023 MLB draft

Colorado Rockies v Washington Nationals
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Drafting Paul Skenes

Paul Skenes
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Although it may be unlikely, the best outcome for Colorado would be if the top-ranked prospect in this year's draft were to fall into their lap. According to most MLB mock drafts, Skenes is projected to be selected as the number one pick by the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, if the Pirates and other teams end up choosing position players before the Rockies pick at number nine, they could potentially have a chance at selecting Skenes.

Skenes is the perfect pitcher for Colorado, a former Alumni of the Air Force Academy from 2021-2022, Skenes is almost a seasoned vet when it comes to pitching in the Rocky Mountain altitude.

Last year, Skenes transferred to LSU last season and led them to victory in the College Baseball World Series. Throughout his final year with the Tigers, Skenes played 19 games and boasted a remarkable 12-2 record, with a 1.69 ERA. In addition, he struck out 209 batters. Skenes has showcased his ability to be a dominant pitcher in the MLB and could bring an impact to any roster. He may even have the opportunity to join the Rockies starting rotation next year.

It's widely agreed that Skenes is one of the most promising pitching prospects in baseball and has been compared to Stephen Strasburg when he was first drafted in 2009. Throughout his time at LSU, his fastball has consistently clocked in at 98 MPH. Skenes boasts a diverse range of pitches, including a changeup, curveball, and slider, which complement his fastball perfectly. Standing at an impressive 6'6" and weighing 235 pounds, Skenes also brings an air of intimidation to the mound that adds to his overall presence.