Pitching Prospects the Rockies should target in the 2023 MLB draft

The MLB Draft is just less then a week away and the Rockies are set to make some organization altering moves for the draft.

2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship
2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages
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The MLB Draft will commence in Seattle, Washington in less than a week. The Rockies will enter the draft with six of the first 200 picks in this year's draft and will aim to strengthen their team with the ongoing youth movement. Their current draft picks are numbered 9, 46, 65, 77, 109, and 145.

As the draft approaches this year, I believe the Rockies should focus on seeking out college pitchers who are MLB-ready and can contribute to their near-future success.

Despite having a 33-51 record, the Rockies offense currently ranks 12th overall in all of baseball, proving to have a competent offense that can compete with any team. The pitching side on the other had has not been so remarkable. The Rockies currently rank 29th overall in pitching, just ahead of the Oakland A's.

For a team in need of pitching, General Manager Bill Schmidt, should consider replicating the strategy of Los Angeles Angels GM Perry Minasian as he selected 20 pitchers in the 2021 MLB Draft. In 2020, the Angels pitching staff was ranked 25th in the Majors and finished 22nd in 2021. Fast-forward two years, and the Angels now have a pitching staff that ranks 16th overall in the MLB, with a bullpen that could be their biggest strength this year.

For this occasion, I decided to write out a list that highlights what NCAA pitchers the Rockies could target in the draft and also features some they might be able to get in the later rounds so that they can return to the postseason in the near future for the first time since 2018.

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