Predicting the Colorado Rockies top 5 home run leaders of 2024

Today we take a look at 5 hitters who will look to take advantage of the friendly hitters park
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
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Kris Bryant is healthy and fans get to see his bat on display in Colorado, with 28 home runs

We all know that Bryant has the ability to be a 30+ home run hitter. He has done it twice in his career and been just under 30 multiple other times. The 6'5 outfielder possesses incredible power and fans in Colorado are just dying to see it on display. Bryant has been oft injured in his time in Colorado, making it extremely hard for fans to be able to enjoy some majestic "KB" bombs.

Bryant has moved to first base this year in an effort to keep him healthier and this could bear tons of fruit for Bryant and the Rockies in 2024. This should out a lot less stress on Bryant's body, while keeping his leg fresh enough to take advantage of the thin Colorado air this year.

Bryant has said that he feels healthy heading into 2024 after fighting and playing through injuries last year. Hopefully he can stay healthy enough to play in 130 games for the Rockies, if he can, I expect a power surge of 28 home runs, much like the one he hit above in spring training.