Predicting the Colorado Rockies 2024 team award winners

What players for the Rockies will perform the best this season?

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Team Gold Glove - Brenton Doyle

It's rare for a team to have multiple gold glove level defenders, a lot of teams maybe have one or so, with a couple above average defenders. The Rockies are in rare company with a couple of former gold glove winners, as well as two or three other defenders that should win a few gold gloves throughout their career.

This came down to shortstop, Ezequiel Tovar, who was a top three defensive shortstop in all of baseball last year and Brenton Doyle, who may be the best defender, regardless of position, in all of baseball.

Doyle should win another gold glove in 2024, with the speed and analytics that support an elite defender, along with one of the best arms in baseball (registering a 105 mph throw). This team will be one of the better defensive teams to watch and should be regularly featured in "ESPN's Top 10 plays".

Comeback Player of the Year - Kris Bryant

This seems like another easy choice here; Kris Bryant has been nothing but a disappointment since joining the Rockies. The expectations for the $26-million-dollar man were sky high and he hasn't been healthy enough to showcase anything. His spring has looked good and if he can remain healthy, it could be a solid year for the former MVP.

Bryant was one of the best hitters in baseball for quite a while, while being one of the more dependable players for a long stretch. A move to first base should help keep Bryant healthier; the Rockies also have a number of corner outfielders and infielders to give Bryant regular rest. Bud Black would be smart to have built in days off, at least once a week to keep him healthy, while also spending some time at DH.

Bryant is poised for a really good year and while I have him as the bounce back player of the year for the Rockies, he could surprise everyone and be right behind Nolan Jones for the team MVP.

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