Kris Bryant regrets signing massive contract with Rockies, taking a shot at Rockies prospects

In an interview with the Athletic, the former MVP talks about his offseason and what led to him ending up in Colorado.
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The former MVP, and the highest paid Rockies player in franchise history, has come out and pretty much stated that he regrets signing a deal that pays him $26M through his age 36 season. He is just two years into his deal, and it looks like reality has set in that this team isn't in the place he thought that they were. This team is very far off from competing and Bryant didn't realize then when he inked his seven-year $182M contract.

In an interview with the Athletic, Bryant talks about his journey through the very interesting 2022 offseason that included a lock out, surely making free agency hard for a lot of players that year. Bryant didn't sign his deal until March 18th of 2022, a majority of the way through the spring training schedule, which put some pressure on the slugger to hurry up and sign.

"It's like, 'Oh shoot, I need to get there. There were other teams interested, but I didn't want to wait around...It was a completely different situation for a lot of free agents at the time. I guess I didn't do as much research into the prospects as I could.""

Kris Bryant via The Athletic

Bryant clearly wants to win, but when you state that you didn't do research into the Rockies prospects before you signed, it just paints the picture of someone that doesn't like the situation that the franchise is in. He is only two years into his deal, a lot of those prospects he is talking about are still in the system, even in spring training with him, and he all but said that they stink.

After the article came out, Bryant requested to meet with reporters in hopes of clearing things up and it didn't seem like it really helped him much. Thomas Harding of put out an article quoting Bryant multiple times, and really, Bryant just needs to put the shovel down and get back to work to try and stay healthy. When Harding asked Bryant if he was misquoted, Bryant said no!

""I wanted it to be known that I wish it was normal so I knew who was here -- the good players. I'm not saying that they're not good. It's the weirdest thing to me, because they're really, really good. I think they need more credit""

Kris Bryant via Thomas Harding,

Even this last quote from KB is frustrating. It sounds like when someone calls you out for something that you said, and you know you are wrong, so you do everything in your power to overcompensate. You just stated that you wish you did more research into who the prospects were, now you're saying they're really good and deserve more credit. It seems like a feeble attempt to save face in the clubhouse. With a young and inexperienced team, this is the last thing the Rockies needed. Eyes were already on Bryant, as the former MVP has played in just 122 games in the two years with the Rockies, but fans will be even more critical of the $26 million dollar man after the string of poor comments made.

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