Potential trade destinations Rockies can send CJ Cron

May 18, 2021; San Diego, California, USA; Colorado Rockies first baseman CJ Cron (25) singles
May 18, 2021; San Diego, California, USA; Colorado Rockies first baseman CJ Cron (25) singles / Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
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For the Colorado Rockies a CJ Cron trade has been past due as the team had the perfect opportunity to trade him at last year's deadline after being selected as a 2022 MLB All-Star. The Rockies however, withheld from dealing Cron and any other players last year and missed a perfect opportunity to build up their farm system.

Coming into this year, the Rockies minor league system was ranked 24 by MLB.com. This year, the team has found some success from young players such as Ezequiel Tovar, Nolan Jones, and tremendous defense out of center fielder Brenton Doyle.

Since 2018, the Rockies have failed to reach the postseason and aside from trading away star players like Nolan Arenado for almost nothing, the Rockies have failed to trade players away at the right moment and have opted to let them walk in free agency such as D.J. LeMahieu and Trevor Story. This has led to the Rockies dimize to build a quality farm system over the years and the team is currently paying for it.

If the Rockies decide to trade Cron before the deadline, it's unlikely that they will receive a large number of promising young players for their farm system, as was the case when the Nationals traded Juan Soto to the Padres last year. However, since recovering from a back injury, Cron has been one of the most successful hitters in the entire league. Therefore, the Rockies have a valuable chance to acquire some promising young players who can help them contend in the near future.

over the last 30 days, Cron has been on fire for the Rockies slashing .314/.352/.529 with three home runs, eight RBI's, two doubles, and 16 hits. Cron had a rough start to the year has he had a .189 batting average in May and was quickly devaluing. After coming back from his injury, Cron's value has increased significantly and is a player Bill Schmidt needs to trade before the deadline.

With the deadline just two weeks away, I decided to look into what teams could potentially target Cron and where he could help make another team a contender in 2023.