Nolan Jones is making a strong case to remain on the Colorado roster

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies
San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The hype is definitely real as Nolan Jones has now played in a total of 15 games for the Colorado Rockies and is quickly winning the hearts of many Rockies fans.

Jones, 25, was brought up to the Colorado roster on May 26. as the team has looked to fill the hole of all-star first baseman CJ Cron. While Jones's primary position is third base, he has excelled playing at first and has been on a tear since his arrival.

Since joining the team, he has been performing exceptionally well with a batting average of .348/.400/630. with an incredible OPS of 1.030. He has also hit three home runs, two of which were achieved just this week. In addition, Jones has already scored 11 RBI's and has only struck out four times, which is especially valuable for the Rockies team that currently ranks 10th in the league for strikeouts.

It's been a while since CJ Cron has been able to join the team on the field due to ongoing back spasms that have kept him on the injured list since May 15. Last season, Cron's power bat was a significant piece to the Rockies' offense while hitting .315/.468/.783 with 29 home runs and 102 RBI's. Currently, it is uncertain when Cron will actually be back as his time on the injured list keeps getting extended.

Future of the Rockies

Despite Cron's absence from the lineup, Jones has emerged as a crucial piece for the Rockies. He has showcased his potential with his impressive offense and defense since his arrival and will be a key piece of the Rockies young future core of players.

Jones was acquired via trade from the Cleveland Guardians this past offseason and made his MLB debut last year.

Despite a small sample size of only 15 games, Jones has impressed as a promising young talent, much like Doyle and shortstop Ezequiel Tovar. Colorado fans have been won over this season, offering a glimpse of hope for the future as the team is currently on a six game losing streak with a 26-40 and are 14 games back from first place in the National League West. General Manager Bill Schmidt is working to build his vision of what the Colorado lineup should entail. However, Schmidt must focus on addressing the organization's starting pitching, as the Rockies are currently ranked 29th in pitching in the MLB, just ahead of the Oakland A's.

What to do with Jones?

Once Cron returns, the Rockies will need to figure out where to place Jones on the roster. Currently, the team already has first basemen Mike Moustakas and Elehuris Montero. Jones could potentially split his time between first and third base, but it may be more beneficial for his growth and development to focus on one position and improve consistently. If the Rockies decide to keep Jones at first base, it could result in either a trade of CJ Cron, who is nearing the end of his two-year contract extension after the 2021 season or a release of Moustakas. Moustakas is a 13-year veteran, who has played in 37 games this year and is currently holding a batting average of .258/.345/.419 with three home runs and 15 RBI runs.

One possible solution for the Rockies is to shift Jones to third base and have seven-year veteran Ryan McMahon take over second base. This strategic move could prove beneficial for both Schmidt and Manager Bud Black, as the team has been experiencing a shortage of productivity from second base and could benefit from a boost in power to their lineup.