Matt Holliday makes best argument yet for Todd Helton's Hall of Fame case with shot at 80's legends

Matt Holliday chimed in, supporting former Rockies teammate Todd Helton's Hall of Fame case
St Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies
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We all know Todd Helton is a Hall of Famer baseball player. If you don't think that Helton is a Hall of Famer, then you are either ignorant to what Helton did in his career (even away from Coors field, more on that topic later), or you just didn't pay attention to what he did during his career because for most of it the Rockies weren't very relevant. He has put up some incredible numbers throughout his career being one of the most underrated first baseman of all time.

One of Helton's teammates and one of the most iconic Rockies players of all time seem to agree. Matt Holliday chimed in on Monday afternoon, with some savage comments about those who claim that Todd Helton isn't deserving of the Hall of Fame because his numbers are inflated, spending his whole career in Colorado.

I'm glad that players are standing up for other guys that are deserving of the Hall of Fame and pointing out the obvious here. You can sift through history and nitpick every era of baseball, every ballpark in the game and claim this guy should or shouldn't be a Hall of Famer, but what matters is the numbers, and there weren't very many that were better than Helton.

A number of players that are now in the Hall of Fame spent a majority of their career playing on turf. It was pretty popular throughout the 80's and 90's and if you have ever played baseball on turf, you know that the ball bounces and skips so much faster than on regular grass. Why don't any of those players get their numbers critiqued because they had quite a few more hits "playing on cement"? Matt Holliday coming to the aid of his former teammate while he himself will most likely be removed from the ballot (another argument should be made that he is deserving of the requisite votes to remain on the ballot), is such a selfless, yet amazing thing to see from Holliday.

The bottom line here is that players don't necessarily get to control the circumstances of where they play, what decade they play in, or who they play against. The only thing that those players can do is go out and produce and be the best player that they can be, and you will never convince me that Todd Helton's numbers are not deserving of being included in the 2024 Hall of Fame class. Thank you, Matt Holliday!