Colorado Rockies legend Todd Helton Hall of Fame voting update

In his sixth year on the Hall of Fame ballot, could this be the year that the Rockies welcome their second addition?
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For the rebuilding Rockies, fans will look for any sort of positive news to turn to. With only one current Hall of Famer (Larry Walker), the Rockies could add the second one this time around in Todd Helton. Helton is arguably the best Rockies player to ever don the purple pinstripes and should be enshrined next to Larry Walker as a Hall of Famer.

Helton was drafted eighth overall in the 1995 draft out of the University of Tennessee. Helton was such an athlete that he was actually the starting quarterback for the Vols (he was on a baseball and football scholarship at Tennessee). He played only three games before injuring his knee and being replaced by ... you guessed it ... another Denver icon, Peyton Manning.

Helton went on to embody what the perfect Rockies player looked like. He was a very productive player who spent his entire 17-year career in Colorado, something that not a lot of players can say. There will be so many arguments made for and against Helton joining the elite of the elite, but there is no denying his production. Helton had a career slash line of .316/.414/.539 with 369 home runs, 1,406 RBIs, and 2,519 hits. He put up a 54.9 fWAR over his 17-year career (the highest in Colorado franchise history by more than 10 wins).

Helton was rewarded for his efforts with five All-Star appearances, four Silver Slugger awards, three Gold Glove Awards, and top 10 finishes in NL MVP voting in three different seasons. He did all of this while competing against some of the best first basemen of all time: Albert Pujols, Jim Thome, Jeff Bagwell, and Mark McGwire.

All the information below is from Ryan Thibodaux (@NotMrTibbs on twitter). If you are looking for coverage on all the ballots and where each player stands, I highly recommend following his work.

Todd Helton Hall of Fame vote tracker (updated)

Votes Earned

Remaining Votes Needed

Total Remaining Votes

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Note: Accurate as of January 23rd, 2024

How many votes does a player need to get into the Hall of Fame?

With 384 ballots this year, any player looking to make their way to Cooperstown will need at least 288 total votes.

What percentage of votes does a player need to get into the Hall of Fame?

To join the elite of the elite, a player will need to earn 75% of the votes.

When is the Hall of Fame announcement?

The National Baseball Hall of Fame site states, "Results will be announced by Hall of Fame president Josh Rawitch at 6 p.m. ET Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024, live on MLB Network." All voters are to submit their ballots for counting by December 31st, and not all of these ballots are made public. Some are made public throughout the month of January as they are tallied.

When is the 2024 Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony?

The 2024 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is Sunday, July 21 and will take place in Cooperstown. Helton will look to join the only other Rockies player in the Hall of Fame, Larry Walker, who will certainly be in attendance.