Julio Carreras is making quite an impression this spring

The young infielder is proving that he may not be too far off from making his debut

Colorado Rockies Photo Day
Colorado Rockies Photo Day / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Rockies have a serious lack of depth in the middle of the infield. We saw it last year when Brendan Rodgers went down with a shoulder dislocation in spring and didn't make his debut until later in the year, playing just 46 games. For the rest of the season, they rolled out a group of Alan Trejo and Harold Castro, contributing to a frustrating Rockies team to watch.

Eyes were fixated upon a lot of prospects this spring including top infield prospect Adael Amador, but it is another infielder that is making waves this spring and showing that he might not be as far away from the big leagues as we previously thought.

The Rockies offense has looked good this spring, I know I know, its the spring who cares. Well, these guys fighting for jobs care, and I am going to enjoy the Rockies winning some games as much as possible. Perhaps no one has been more surprising offensively and defensively than infielder Julio Carreras. Carreras has been a surprising prospect, signing for just $15 thousand in the 2018 international class. He has just plugged away and slowly worked his way up the minor league ranks.

Carreras has been getting a lot of run at multiple different positions this spring, including shortstop and third base. He has been impressive too smacking a three-run home run yesterday that showed there is some potential for more power. He has also flashed some real leather like the play above.

Carreras is an older prospect at 24, but he did make his way up to Triple-A in 2023 (he did struggle a little bit but he was nearly four years younger than the average player). Carreras probably won't make the opening day roster for the Rockies, but he could find his way to Colorado this year, but he has surely made me second guess the Rockies biggest need being in the middle of the infield.

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