Is Kris Bryant the next Ian Desmond?

Kris Bryant is not living up to his contract, are we looking at a situation similar to the Ian Desmond situation?
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From what I’ve seen from Kris Bryant so far in a Rockies uniform, he has been far from what I think $182 million should buy. Right now, he’s reminding me more and more of Ian Desmond and less of Matt Holliday. From his inability to stay healthy to untimely strikeouts, I’ve just about seen enough of the $182 million man that needs to be taken out of the lineup frankly.  At this moment, the Rockies are working on becoming a better team defensively, and I think Bryant is taking away from that more than helping.

First, I don’t believe that Bryant wants to be a part of the Rockies organization from the comments he made during the offseason about not doing enough research about the Rockies prospects.  Comments that made me feel like he regrets coming here to Colorado and took a shot, albeit true, at the Rockies farm system.  This cannot be helping Bryant take a leadership role in the clubhouse if he is disrespectful of the club during the offseason. 

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Second, for the amount of money we spent, why didn’t we just keep Arenado? That’s a can of worms I really don’t want to open, but seriously, at least he produces and has an outstanding defensive prowess. Even when healthy, I feel like Kris Bryant has underperformed and underwhelmed, and the Rockies really need at least a solid bat from him. This season so far has been atrocious for Bryant, from striking out in clutch situations, to a lack in power, he has really failed to live up to his contract. 

Finally, and I really feel strongly about this, I believe we could have spent that $182 million on pitching and had a chance to compete. Everyone calls the Monfort’s cheap, but they will spend money, just not in the right places. They seem afraid to buy pitching because they’ve been burned in the past, but if this team just stands pat and goes with the pitching nightmare they’ve created, we’re going to be in for a long season. Spending money on free agent position players like Ian Desmond and Kris Bryant, has burned the Rockies, so step into the fire and try spending some money on pitching. What’s the worst that happen at this point, you win?        

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