Grading Rockies MLB Trade Deadline Moves

With the trade deadline finally over, it's time to look over the moves Colorado made and see what kind of talent they acquired.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Colorado Rockies
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3. Brad Hand for LFP Alec Barger

Brad Hand
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Just hours before the deadline, the Rockies made another move with the Atlanta Braves and that was dealing relief pitcher Brad Hand to Atlanta for another young arm. The decision to move Hand to Atlanta should've been a no-brainer for Colorado as the team needed to remember the deadline motto and that is SELL SELL SELL.

Alec Barger

Barger is another pitcher that I love for the Colorado system. In his MILB career, Barger has plenty of experience and might be a name we see playing on the major league roster within the last two months of the season.

Right now, his resume includes a total of 111 games which also has a 10-10 record, 4.51 ERA and 239 strikeouts. Barger is a young relief pitcher and has pitched in a total of 30 games in 38.1 innings this year. Right now, he holds a 3.29 ERA with 48 strikeouts in the minor league. According to Skyler Timmins of Purple Row, he has been known to be a pitcher who throws strikes consistently and his pitch types include two breaking balls along with a sink and a four-seam fastball.

This move could give Colorado instant help in the major league as Barger should be a no brainer to make the major league roster after spring training next year.

Grade: A