5 Rockies that need to step up in 2024

Looking at which players on the Rockies will need to have a breakout year next season
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5. Brenton Doyle needs to find his bat

Brenton Doyle
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It's no doubt that Brenton Doyle has quickly emerged into one of the best defenders in all of baseball this past season.

The rookie center fielder ranked first in every statistical category imaginable last year and should find himself winning the first of what should be many gold gloves in a promising young career.

On the base paths, Doyle has proven to be just as effective as he won the Rockies their final game of the year in 2023 from a wild pitch that allowed him to steal home from third base.

Doyles speed in the outfield and on the base paths is nothing but in elite category and has made him the type of player every organization would dream of.

The one area in Doyle's game that does need to improve is one that could potentially limit his MLB career and that is hit bat.

This year, Doyle finished with a .203 batting average and an OPS of .593. While raking in 10 home runs, 48 RBI's, 16 doubles, and five triples. With Doyle's speed, he could turn into a prime doubles and triples hitter and could very well find himself having the type of career like his veteran teammate Charlie Blackmon.