5 difficult decisions the Rockies could make before the end of June

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4. Which outfielder gets traded?

Jurickson Profar, Brenton Doyle, Randal Grichuk
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The Colorado Rockies' outfield has been instrumental in the team's offense this year. The team boasts a strong outfield lineup, including players such as Kris Bryant, Jurickson Profar, Randal Grichuck, and Brenton Doyle. Doyle has made a name for himself since his emergence in May and is now an everyday player in the Rockies' outfield. However, this has created a situation where one player will have to sit out. With Bryant's eventual return from injury looming, he will resume his role as an everyday player in right field, leaving Grichuck and Profar to share playing time.

There's a possibility that both players will be traded by the end of the month since they are in the last year of their contracts. They are highly desirable for teams looking to boost their lineup with experienced post-season players. Grichuck has been performing impressively for Colorado with a .307/.373/.438 batting average, making him one of their top hitters. On the other hand, Profar's current hitting average with the Rockies is .250, which may not seem impressive, but it's worth noting that he has improved significantly over the past month and a half, and he continues to get better as the season progresses.

It's a tough pill to swallow for fans, but it's a possibility that both players could be traded before the month is over. Sadly, the Rockies are quickly losing their grip on playoff contention, and their chances of making it to the divisional race are slipping away. To salvage the situation, the Rockies might trade both Profar and Grichuck and replace them with Yonathan Daza and Cole Tucker, who could platoon in left field for the rest of the season. Daza has previously been on the major league roster and had a batting average of .270/.304/.351, which might make the decision of trading Profar and Grichuck more feasible.