3 Winners and 2 Losers from recent Rockies' road trip

Ouch! That was rough
Colorado Rockies v Philadelphia Phillies
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The 2 losers from the road trip

Kris Bryant with another back injury

Bryant really struggled to start this year. His bat looked slow, he was swinging at sliders off the plate, was late on fastballs inside and just couldn't come through when the team needed him to. There was a lot of talk about removing him from the lineup, or at least moving him down in favor of Michael Toglia or Elehuris Montero, but we didn't see that happen.

News came out that Bryant was going to be placed on the IL and I am not sure how to feel about it. The Rockies lack thump in the middle of the order, but Bryant wasn't really providing it. The Rockies be in a win-win scenario as Bryant can hopefully step away and get healthy, while allowing some of the younger players to develop. Bryant is the big loser here after a lot of criticism, he just continues to show how bad of an investment it was to give him such an absurd contract.

The Rockies offense completely disappeared

After getting terrible pitching, while the offense was putting up five, six, and even 10 runs sometimes, the script was completely flipped. The Rockies actually got some pretty solid pitching over the last turn or two through the rotation, and if they got any sort of offensive output, they would have a few more wins.

Over the six-game road trip, the Rockies averaged just 3.67 runs per game, but that number is heavily skewed when you factor in their 12-run explosion against Kevin Gausman. In the next five games, the Rockies averaged just two runs again, getting shut out in two games on this road trip. When you take out the Gausman game, this team put up a 33 wRC+ on the road trip, hit .198 with a near 31% strikeout rate.

There is no way to win games when your offense is that bad, and it's very hard when your stars aren't performing. Things will hopefully turn around as the Rockies return home for a nine game homestand.

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