3 Winners and 2 Losers from recent Rockies' road trip

Ouch! That was rough
Colorado Rockies v Philadelphia Phillies
Colorado Rockies v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Fresh off a pretty homestand, where maybe the results weren't there, but there was a lot of fight and positive signs, the Rockies would head off for one of their toughest road trips of the year. After their pitching had delivered a number of solid starts at the hitter friendly confines of Coors Field, the Rockies would look to carry that momentum across the country.

The Rockies looked like they were bound to cause some trouble in the opener after getting to Cy Young candidate, Kevin Gausman, early on. After that, however, it was a lot of crickets, frustration and sicknesses. Not only did the offense scuffle, but they dealt with a number of players getting the flu. Charlie Blackmon started the road trip off with the flu, before Brendan Rodgers sat out the entire Philadelphia series with the flu bug.

The team again has shown fight, but it just isn't translating to wins. We know that the wins aren't what the focus is, the player development and emergence of some of the younger players is, but it would be really nice to see this team capitalize on some of these games where the Rockies look like they are down and out, before standing back up, delivering a combination of punches that get them right there and one hit away from winning the game.

The Rockies will return home, and they will be thankful for that. It's another tough stretch as they will square off against three teams that are expected to be competing for a playoff spot. But today, we want to reflect back on the recent road trip to see who the winners and losers were from a forgettable adventure.