3 Top prospects the Rockies should already call up as reinforcements

Embrace the youth
Colorado Rockies v Toronto Blue Jays
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The focus on this 2024 Rockies team is a lot different than in previous years. Prior to embracing the rebuild and allowing some of the youth to get a majority of the playing time while sprinkling in some veteran depth (Jake Cave), the Rockies were giving a lot of at bats to veterans looking for a career resurgence.

Guys like Jurickson Profar, CJ Cron, Randal Grichuk and Mike Moustakas were guys the Rockies took a shot on, in hopes of taking advantage of the thin Colorado air, hoping for one final pay day. Finally, the Rockies have decided not to block their young talent, allowing them ample time to grow and develop while doing so against major league talent. They are still lacking some excitement, however. Players like Brenton Doyle, Nolan Jones and Ezequiel Tovar, but the Rockies could really use another exciting player that could team up with the exciting trio.

Greg Jones could be the table setter to follow in Chuck's footsteps

The Rockies have a few guys that could become true, middle of the order impact bats. There is a lot of promise for guys like Elehuris Montero, Michael Toglia, and Brendan Rodgers still possess an immense amount of potential and could become perennial run producers.

For the better part of a decade, the Rockies have had one of the best leadoff hitters in the game, Charlie Blackmon. In what could very well be his farewell tour, Chuck will look to lead this team to a competitive season and hopefully mentor the next wave of Rockies baseball. What better way to do that, then to mentor a potential leadoff hitter with a crazy number of tools?

Greg Jones was acquired in what was a pretty questionable trade. The 26-year-old outfielder and shortstop seemed redundant, especially considering the Rockies had to give up a promising pitching prospect. When you look at Jones tools, however, there is a lot to be excited about.

The former first round pick in 2019 possesses elite speed, with an 80-grade from MLB Pipeline. He has also gotten above average defensive ratings, but the hit tool is what is going to make or break the switch-hitters career. Jones is never going to be a .300 hitter, but he has all of the tools to be a guy that hits .250 but gets on base at around a .320 clip. If he does that, there's a very good chance that he's a 50+ stolen base guy, that's how good that tool is. The strikeouts are an issue, as he has posted a strikeout rate over 35% the last two years, but that looks to have changed this year. In just 10 games, it's down to about 30% (still high, but manageable), but he's also posted an impressive 15% walk rate. Jones could be a fixture in this lineup for a while and would add a lot of excitement ahead of guys like Nolan Jones, Ezequiel Tovar and Ryan McMahon.