3 Rockies Who Deserve More Playing Time, 1 Who Deserves Less

What changes should the Bud Black make to the lineup?
Tampa Bay Rays v Colorado Rockies
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Now that we’re a couple weeks into the season, let's take a look at three players that should be getting more run and a better chance to prove themselves, as well as one player who needs to see his playing time axed (I bet you can guess who it is).

Honorable Mention: Michael Toglia

Toglia hits balls hard and far. It’s a fun watch when he makes contact, but the contact is a bit of an issue still. Toglia has 10 strikeouts this season and has yet to walk, and three of his four hits have left the yard. His dead center shot against the Diamondbacks showed off that home run happy approach. Toglia looks very rough around the edges but has the early makings of an entertaining power hitter.