3 Rockies position players who have struggled the most so far

These 3 hitters have been tough to watch
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs
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The Rockies potential superstar has been super bad

Nolan Jones
Colorado Rockies v Chicago Cubs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

So far in 2024, the second-year player who was acquired from Cleveland and subsequently set the world on fire for the Rockies last year, has struggled mightily. He is hitting only .083 while committing some of the worst outfield errors we've seen in a good while, four of them to be exact. This includes a ball in Monday's game that went under his glove and to the wall, allowing two runs to score, before the throw in went wide, allowing the third run to score in a Little League style "home run" for Christopher Morel.

The fielding from Jones has been a major surprise, as it was not on the agenda that left field would be an unstable position going into the year. While there is still plenty of time to right his fielding, Jones has also struggled big time at the plate, recording only two hits in his first twenty-four at bats, while striking out a team leading 11 times, and walking only once. Going into Tuesday night's game in Wrigley, Jones still bats third, as there does not appear to be much worry about whether or not Jones will get it going, and rightfully so. Still, the question should be asked if maybe moving Jones to batting 5th or 6th for a few games could take some pressure off the young lefty.